Special Education

Dauphin County Technical School provides a range of services to meet the diverse needs of students eligible for special education. Certified special education teachers and paraprofessionals support identified students in the following areas: learning support, emotional support, hearing impaired support, speech and language support, social work services, and other services deemed necessary by the IEP team. Students with special needs participate fully in the activities and programs of the school. Support services, accommodations and adaptations necessary for each special student to be successful are specified in an Individual Education Program (IEP) developed annually.

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Miss Jan ZeagerSpecial Education Director

If your child has a disability, here’s how we can help…

The Special Education Department at Dauphin County Technical School offers varying levels of support to students with disabilities, depending on the areas of need. Our highly qualified special education teaching staff delivers instruction in the classroom in both the Inclusion and Direct Instruction models. Our paraeducators work in the career and technical programs offering support with theory instruction and hands-on application.


Mrs. Jessica Hoopes, Mrs. Amanda Weaver

Mrs. Hoopes and Mrs. Weaver are the Career and Technical Facilitators for grades ten through twelve, with each responsible for students in twelve career and technical programs. The role of the Career and Technical Facilitators is twofold – they provide support for students identified with disabilities in their career and technical programs and help plan and support transition services and activities for these students as well. Mrs. Hoopes and Mrs. Weaver attend all of the IEP team meetings for their students and work with the team to develop strategies and goals to maximize each student’s potential.


Mrs. Lori Ribbans – Career and Technical Facilitator

Mrs. Ribbans serves as the Career and Technical Facilitator exclusively for ninth grade students. She oversees the ninth grade exploratory program and is responsible for organizing and placing the students in their respective career and technical areas. Once students are placed, Mrs. Ribbans provides support and input for students identified with disabilities in their career and technical programs and collects baseline data for the high school transition process. As ninth grade applications arrive for the upcoming year, Mrs. Ribbans interviews prospective students and participates in the writing of Individual Educational Plans for eighth grade students who have been accepted to Dauphin County Technical School.