Student and Family Procedures 2020/2021

When to Stay Home

Symptom screening will be done by all parents/guardians at home each morning before the school day

No students with symptoms will be sent to school

Students are recommended to stay at home if they have experienced any of the following scenarios:

  • Recent travel from a state in which the state of Pennsylvania recommends a two week self-quarantine
  • Contact with an individual with Covid-19
  • Contact with an individual displaying Covid-19 symptoms and are waiting for test results
  • Have received a Covid-19 test and have not received negative results from a test

Student Arrival

There will be two drop off locations:

  • Parent drop off for students will be in front of the school lobby doors. These students will enter the building through the lobby doors and enter the auditorium and remain in the auditorium until dismissal to class
  • Bus drop off for students will be near the cafeteria entrance. Students will enter the building through the doors by the outdoor patio (Door 10) and remain in the cafeteria until dismissal to class

The gymnasium will also be used at arrival as space in the cafeteria and auditorium reaches capacity for social distancing


  • We will use the cafeteria and auditorium for breakfast since space will be limited in the cafeteria
  • A breakfast cart with the same food and drinks as the cafeteria will be located in front of the auditorium stage

Student Dismissal

There will be two pick up locations. These are essentially the opposite of student arrival:

  • Parents will pick up their children by the cafeteria. Parents should enter school property by the West entrance (by the digital sign), drive around the rear of the building, and wait for their child on the east side of the building by the cafeteria
  • Buses will pick up students by the front lobby
  • Essentially pickup of students is opposite from the morning
  • On the second consecutive day students are at DCTS for in-person instruction, students will pick up breakfast and lunch items they requested. The breakfast and lunch items are for when the students are not at DCTS for independent online learning days


Students must log into Schoology each day and complete the daily attendance assignment

On days that in-person learning is occurring, students will still need to complete the attendance assignment at the beginning of the day

Absence notes/excuses must be submitted the first day the student returns for in-person instruction


Parents/guardians are encouraged to deposit funds using the on-line payment portal to avoid handling of cash

Students will be spaced to enter the cafeteria eating area and serving area to one way in and one way out. Floor will be marked with boxes and arrows for distancing

Students are encouraged to use hand sanitizer prior to consuming food

25 students at a time in the serving area

Students will be able to eat in the picnic area, weather permitting

4 students per round table in the cafeteria for a seating capacity of 200. Overflow seating in the gym with rectangular tables (will seat 4 with plastic dividers)


  • Meals will be served in a throw away closed container
  • Students will be given disposable utensils and napkins
  • Students will not be permitted to serve themselves for items such as fruit and/or vegetable selections

Social Distancing

Students should maintain 6 ft. of space between each other to minimize risk


All students will be required to wear a face covering following state mandated guidelines

Students will be provided with a facemask. Students are allowed to use their own as long as they are school appropriate and meet CDC guidelines

DCTS will allow students to remove their face coverings when students are eating or drinking when spaced at least 6 feet apart

If a student refuses to wear a face covering, parents/guardians will need to pick up their child from school


No more than two students in a bathroom at one time

Wash hands according to CDC guidelines

Out of respect for others, please leave the bathroom as soon as possible and get back to class

Use hand sanitizer upon reentering the classroom


Wear face coverings at all times

Practice social distancing

Do not share classroom materials or personal items with other students