FAQ Online Learning

This fact sheet provides an overview of the 2020-2021 DCTS independent online learning program compared to the program provided during the Spring of 2020. This document is fluid. It will be updated as CDC guidelines and recommendations change.

Dauphin County Technical School
Dr. Karen Pflugh (Director)
Mr. David Wright (Principal)
Mr. Dwain Messersmith (Assistant Principal)
Dr. Gwen Mosteller (Assistant Principal)
Dr. Jan Zeager (Director of Special Education)

CategoriesEmergency Closure
Spring 2020
DCTS Independent Online Learning
Fall 2020
  • Curriculum and assignments were
    modified based on the situation at
    the time.
  • Assignments and assessments did
    not look the same as if school was
    actually in session.
  • Inconsistencies across teachers
    and subjects.
Seamless Integration:

  • DCTS curriculum taught by DCTS
  • Students will receive consistent
    instruction and assignments online
    and in-person.
  • Students were assigned a “1” for
    completed and/or acceptable work.
  • Students received a “0” for
    incomplete or unacceptable work.
  • All assignments, tests, quizzes, and
    projects will be graded the same online
  • The regular grading scale will be in effect.
AttendanceDaily attendance was not taken since it
was not required by the Pennsylvania
Department of Education.
Daily attendance requirements will be
monitored, and applied.
Student Support
Technology Support

  • Basic training guides were available
    for teachers and students on topics
    such as Schoology and Zoom
  • An in-person technology support
    system was set up with office hours
    on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Social and Emotional Support

  • Access to support services.
  • Services typically provided through a
    Zoom session.
Technology Support

  • A variety of training videos will be
    available on demand.
  • Access to in-person tech support daily.
  • On online learning days, tech support can
    be arranged with the IT department.

Social and Emotional Support

  • The social worker and school counselors
    will be available to assist with students
    and families that are struggling.
  • Services provided in-person and