Criminal Justice/Police Science

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CIP Code: 43.0107

Instructor: Mr. Brown

A career in Criminal Justice/Police Science is "Public Service" at a new all-time high for those who wish to server their communities, while protecting the citizens' right to live and strive in a free society. The main objective of the Law Enforcement Curriculum is to prepare those students desiring a vocation in Criminal Justice System or Careers in evidence (forensics) for post-secondary education.  This curriculum is designed to provide a thorough understanding of the roles and functions of Law Enforcement, Courts and Corrections as major Criminal Justice components.  The student will acquire tactical and technical skills relative to Crime Scene Management, Use of Force, Criminal Law and Procedures, Health and First Aid, Police and Corrections Concepts and Skills, Court Systems, Communications, Security; National, International and Local, Understanding & Working with Special Populations and additional relative curriculum.

Professional entry level positions currently require post-secondary education and the candidates to be 21 years of age. Those students that do not pursue post-secondary education and a professional entry level position, will be prepared to enter entry level employment in these areas.

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 Possible Careers 

  • Criminal Justice & Law Enforcement Teachers, Postsecondary
  • Police, Fire & Ambulance Dispatchers
  • Immigration & Customs Inspectors
  • Intelligence Analysts
  • Police Patrol Officers

 Potential Certifications 

  • PA Skills Certificate (NOCTI)
  • Hazardous Materials, Identification and Awareness, I
  • Standard CPR, First Aid, and AED

 Statewide Articulation Agreements