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Culinary Arts

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CIP Code: 12.0508

Instructors: Chef Lou Sackett , and Chef Claire Dacko

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Fall Culinary Newsletter

The Culinary Arts program prepares students to enter the world of work in quality food service operations or for advanced study in associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree culinary programs. This competency based, dual instructor program is taught in a state-of-the-art commercial foodservice facility including a restaurant kitchen and dining room, bakeshop, and demonstration theater. Culinary Arts combines professional cooking and baking, restaurant service, culinary math, and foodservice management to start students on the path to becoming well-rounded foodservice professionals with 21st century skills.

Competency-focused lessons include both theory and practice.  Topics are introduced in participatory lessons enhanced with the field's latest textbooks and electronic media.  Mastery is accomplished through hands-on laboratory sessions in which students learn by doing.  Progress is assessed using not only written testing but also through competency rubrics and performance evaluations.  Best work samples created throughout all three levels culminate in a senior portfolio valuable in both career search and college preparation.

Note: Students enrolling in the Culinary Arts program must purchase and wear approved chef uniforms totaling in cost about $70.00 for one set.  Students must maintain clean, presentable uniforms and replace them as necessary throughout their enrollment.


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 Possible Careers 

  • Prep Cook
  • Line Cook
  • Caterer
  • Restaurant Chef
  • Baker
  • Pastry Chef
  • Cake Decorator
  • Foodservice Retail Salesperson
  • Foodservice Purveyor Sales Representative
  • Restaurant Server
  • Restaurant Manager

 Potential Certifications 

  • PA Skills Certificate (NOCTI)
  • ServeSafe Certification
  • ServeSafe Allergens
  • American Culinary Federation Certification

Statewide Articulation Agreements