Business Office


Business Administrator 


Miss Maria Zaharick, CPA     Business Manager

The Business Office is responsible for all financial issues for the school. It coordinates preparation of the annual budget and the annual financial report; supervises the school investments, purchasing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and employee benefits.

Dauphin County Technical School's Business Office is committed to prudent, professional and conservative financial management.

Business Office Staff

Andrea Bennett,

Assistant Business Manager

For questions pertaining to Payroll and Benefits, contact Andrea Bennett at extension 7430.


Deb Homoki,
Accounts Receivable Bookkeeper

For questions pertaining to Free & Reduced Lunch and Accounts Receivables, contact Debra Homoki at extension 7444.


Danyelle Jenkins

Purchasing Clerk

For questions pertaining to Accounts Payable, contact Danyelle Jenkins at extension 7454.


Michele Kulynych,

Business Office Secretary

For questions pertaining to Student Fines, contact Michele Kulynych at extension 7820.