Student Activities & Clubs


Senior Class Council, Class of 2017

Junior Class Council, Class of 2018

Sophomore Class Council, Class of 2019

Freshman Class Council, Class of 2020

Wolverine Council


FFA-Keystone Chapter

NHS (National Honors Society members only)

NTHS (National Technical Honors Society)
Pre-HOSA Club

Skills USA


Weekly/10th Period Clubs

Archery Club

Anime Club

Basketball Club

Board Games Club

Book Club

Bowling Club

Chess Club

Civil Ware History Club

The Creative Expressions (CEAD)

Coloring and Relaxing

Coloring Club

Comic Movie Club

DCTS Radio

DCTS Wolvering Times Journalism Club

Disney Movie Club

ESL Strategy Club


Fitness (waiver)

Football Club

Forestry Club

Game Club

Guitar Club

Hangman Club

History of the Antique Automobile

Lab Rats (Science Competition Club)

Latrunculi Club

Let's Talk Sports Club

Mancala; Dominos Club

Martial Arts Movie Club

Math Competition and Academic Quiz Bowl Club


Metal Mania

Military Club

Pennsylvania History Club

Playing  Cards Variations

Radio Controlled Modeling Club

Riding Mower Electrical Schematic Reading

Normality Zero Robotics

Running Club (Waiver)

Sign Language Club

Silent Reading Club

Sportsman's Club

Sports Movie Club

Stress Busters

Super Smash Brothers Club

Team Building Club

The Creative Arts Program

TV Gam Show


Yearbook Club

For a full description and club/organization requirements review the Student Activities document.

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