All applications to Dauphin County Technical School must come through the participating school district guidance office. Students who wish to attend DCTS must see his or her guidance counselor at the participating school and pick up an application. The application and parental registration must be filled out completely and returned to your guidance counselor. The guidance counselor will collect the other information and prepare the packet to be sent to DCTS by the due date for admissions for the next school year.

Any student who previously attended DCTS may reapply by completing an application at their participating school district. This application will be considered on the same basis as that of a new student and processed in the same manner. The aptitude of each candidate for a specific program will be considered. All applicants should be in good academic standing, have good attendance and demonstrate appropriate behavior for high school students.

Ninth grade students who attend Dauphin County Technical School are not guaranteed acceptance into their first choice of a specific career and technical program because a program may be full. If the program they request is oversubscribed upon the completion of the program, they will need to consider a second and third choice as possible career paths. The student will then be placed on a waiting list for the oversubscribed programs and as openings become available, students on the wait list will be considered for acceptance into their requested program.


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12th Grade Enrollment Option

Dauphin County Technical School offers an enrollment option for 12th grade students. Seniors from Dauphin County school districts may enroll in any DCTS technical program on a half-day or full-day basis. This option may be of interest to seniors who have completed the majority of their academic requirements and want to gain an advantage over their fellow graduates by learning technical skills related to their chosen postsecondary fields of study prior to graduation from high school.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When are these programs offered?

Seniors may enroll in DCTS courses in the afternoon only.

Will all technical courses be offered?

All technical courses will be offered, with the exception of Cosmetology.

How do I apply?

Interested students should see their guidance counselor for an application.

How many credits will I earn for a technical course?

Each school district will award credits based on the graduation requirements in that district.

How will I get to DCTS?

Students may drive to DCTS and will be issued parking permits.

When will my class start?

In general, class will start at approximately 12:30 p.m. This depends on the technical program you selected.

When is the deadline to submit an application?

DCTS must receive your application by March 25.

When will I know if I have been accepted?

If you apply by the deadline, you will be notified in April.