Career Portfolio

As part of the DCTS curriculum, each student is expected to successfully complete a Culminating Career Portfolio.

The purpose of the Culminating Career Portfolio is to ensure that all DCTS students will have an opportunity to:

  • develop effective plans for a successful future
  • develop the skills necessary for post-secondary success
  • develop a tool to be used during the job application and interview process

Beginning in their ninth-grade year, each student will be introduced to four major components of the portfolio and will be expected to successfully complete each component by their senior year.

Four Major Components

Comprehensive Career and Technical Best Works

This component contains samples of each student’s best work, commensurate with the highest level of competency attained in the student career and technical area each year. The best works documentation is accompanied by written explanations and reflections designed to prompt self-assessment and evaluation of critical academic, career and technical, and career education skills.

Interview and Senior Exit Survey

This component provides the student, during their junior year, an opportunity to participate in mock interviews that are conducted by business/industry leaders. The mock interviews are geared to enhance job interview skills. Additionally, each senior must complete an exit survey.

Acquisition Documents

This component requires students to research careers, plan courses, learn about their personalities, strengths and weaknesses related to careers, and document their progress each step of the way. Career documents and professional communication including resume, cover letter, letters of request, and many other documents are also created, integrating the critical academic skills of reading and writing with the career and technical skills.

Community Service

This component allows all DCTS students to become well-rounded citizens by completing 20 hours of community service (five hours per year). The service aids our community, and can be included as valuable experience on a job resume.


Career Portfolio Tracking Sheet
Community Service Guidelines
Community Service Form
Culminating Career Portfolio Letter
Culminating Career Portfolio Response Page
Directions for Folder creation and Project Reporting

Screencast directions for folder creation and project reporting: